About me

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September 2nd,

     My name is Derek, and I’m living out the dream of my life in style! All my life my dream has been to become a famous porn photographer, and shoot pictures of the hottest babes on the planet! I’m not quite there yet, but the future is so bright, I need to wear shades! My days of jerking off to pictures on the web are over, as I snatched the position of assistant to one of Met Art’s most renowned Photographers! Now I get to travel with him all over the world, looking for the hottest babes to shoot! I love my work and I’m the best at it, and it really turns me on to be in the middle of the action and interact with these sexy babes! Man, sometimes things can get really wild on the set, or after the shooting is done! You won’t believe the amazing stories I have to tell of our day to day job! I get to see the hottest models, interact with them and sometimes I even get lucky enough to bang some of these breath taking beauties! I can’t complain, man, I love my job!