Nubile model naked outdoors with fur hat

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October 20th,

Sienna is a young, breath taking amateur model, her body is delicious and I’m thankful to be able to participate in a photo session which involves her. Her sexy pink pussy, surrounded by a soft bush of pubic hair is a delight, makes you want to sink your tongue into it and drink all her sexy juices like nectar! We shot Sienna outdoors, in a wild clearing in the woods that reminds me of a savanna. She was just wearing a cute fur hat and a pair of fur boots, making her look like a very provocative huntress, looking for her prey, the most powerful animal in the wild kingdom! She uses her naked body as bait, leaning over a tree and spreading her legs wide open, letting the air carry the sweet smell of her pussy to bait the wild beast. Man, if I were a wild beast, I’d let this sexy huntress capture me and do whatever she wishes with me! Look at her sitting on a fallen log, the crack of her ass touching the wood… makes me want to be a tree!

Nubile model naked outdoors with fur hat

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