Beautiful naked model with curly bangs

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July 30th,

This was one of my favorite assignments and one of my favorite models too! Dinara is a voluptuous brunette with silky, curly bangs that contrast against her white skin and sexy frame. She was small, yet very sexy, tits and long legs. She came to the set wearing a tight, stretchy little dress that barely managed to cover her legs. The photographer asked her to take it off, but Dinara had a better, and kinkier, idea. She pulled the top down and rolled the bottom over, so we could see her small tits and meaty pussy and ass! She looked so fucking hot that way, kinda like she was stripping very fast, ready to get her wet pussy fucked hard by some horny stud! I imagined myself being that stud, spreading her legs wide open and sinking my tongue into her fleshy, pink snatch, lapping up her juices and feeling her get aroused with lust and desire! Girls are usually very professional and don’t sleep around with the photographer’s assistant, but I can still fantasize about it, don’t you think?

Beautiful naked model with curly bangs

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