Lovely Marsha plays naked in the hay

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June 30th,

I wonder how it came about that Marsha decided to pose nude. She seems like one of those girls that would prefer to spend the day working at the farm in which she grew up in and being a well behaved girl than exposing her perfect and delicious naked body on the web! Yet here she is, rolling in the hay, all alone in the barn, with just her cotton panties on. She tells us, while we shoot this session, that this was pretty much her hobby as she grew up in her patent’s farm. She’d sneak into the barn and roll on the hay, where nobody could see her and she could dedicate hours to the exploration of her nubile body. She re-enacts this with a smile on her pretty face and showing the world her lovely shaved pussy. Her tits are perfectly shaped mounds of meaty pink flesh with perky nipples. She says she loves to play with them, and imagined as a teen in heat that men would milk her breasts as they did with the cows in the farm, what a naughty girl Marsha turned out to be!

Lovely Marsha  plays naked in the hay

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