Precious naked amateur model Laura

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June 20th,

Laura is another sexy girl with little tits and legs that seem to go on forever. Nobody how much time I have working as assistant photographer for Met-Art, these girls still manage to knock the breath right out of me with their sensual looks! Lovely Laura is completely naked on this session, with a green fishnet bed cover that can’t conceal the gracious curves of her body or its magnificent nudity. Not that Laura is really trying, she just likes to tease. She knows her body is picture perfect, and not a shy girl at all, she adores having the opportunity to show herself to the world in this way! We asked her if she ever was shy about her body and she tells us that quite the contrary, ever since she is a child, she remembers herself running around the house naked, or as one of those girls in school that would let the boys peek under her skirt for a candy! It looks as if I just might end up developing a crush for this lovely girl, I just wish I had some candy with me, that I really need any, she is already nude, isn’t she!?!

Precious naked amateur model Laura

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