Hot nude model with sensual gloves

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March 20th,

Don’t you love it when girls wear sexy, silk gloves? I really do, it makes me lose it, man! One of the photographers had recently shot this beautiful, young model named Sveta, and passed me her pictures to get them ready to publish. I’m usually flawless at my job and never get distracted, but this girl was a different story! She had a perfect body, long legs, a tights ass and very naughty looks! What really got to me were the silk gloves she was wearing, which went all the way up past her elbows. I kept trying to focus, but my cock was getting so hard, I just had to stop and bust a nut to her hot pictures! Man, I really got carried away, and when I felt I was going to cum, it was too late to grab a towel and I started cumming all over the work desk! The photo guy arrived and saw me, totally blushed, trying to wipe my own cum off the pictures! He just laughed and said that was a sign that he did a great job with her! Look for yourself, this babe is breath taking!

Hot nude model with sensual gloves

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