Sexy blonde model with fur hat and heels

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March 10th,

Leocont, one of the Met-Art photo guys I assist, called me up last night and asked me to come on over to his flat. He had a sexy surprise for me, a hot amateur model named Mila G! The sultry blonde was already naked when I got there, except for a pair of high heel shoes and a black fur hat that looked lovely on her. They were sipping some wine and decided to get some pictures done. I was happy to be invited and have a chance to assist Leocont, and delight my eyes with the perfect nude body of Mila. She grabbed a chair and began posing on it, giving both the camera and me very dirty looks. You see, Mila is a real tease, the kind of girl that likes to turn guys on, give them a hard-on and then turn around and leave them with a bad case of blue balls! I was okay with it, I could put up with her hot and dirty talk while we took her pictures. I would get some copies and masturbate to them later, blowing my load all over her picture perfect body! Knowing Mila, I’m sure she’d appreciate my gesture!

Sexy blonde model with fur hat and heels

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