Super Hot Model Lorena Posing Naked

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February 1st,

   Lorena is a super hot, smoking brunette model we got the chance to shoot some time ago in some fancy house. She showed up wearing sexy lingerie and high heel shoes and picked a spot in a big leather couch. Her body is so fucking perfect! I was trying hard to light her the right way while she teased the camera and slowly stripped off her lingerie. Her clam just looked so sexy and perfect, I could feel my cock getting hard, creating a huge bulge in my crotch, which I was trying really hard to conceal. Lorena caught on, and as you can tell by the naughty smile on her face, quite enjoyed the effect her naked body had on me! Thank God she took it in a good way, as this was one of my first shoots and I didn’t want to get fired because the talent gave me a huge boner! After we finished the shoot and both Lorena and the photographer left, I sat down on the same leather couch were she had lay naked and busted a nut! Man, I spilled my jizz all over the place and had to clean up later!




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