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Sexy Nude Angel On The Couch

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February 20th,

   Just the other day, I had the chance to accompany Majoly on one of his sessions. The star of the shoot was a blonde babe called Angel, and the name suits her so fine! This hottie looks like she just fell down from a cloud! She walked into the set wearing nothing but her high heels, with her silky almond hair flowing as she walked. Man, it felt like I was watching her in slow motion! She got into it right away, spreading her legs wide open and showing us her clam. Her little pink pussy looked so lovely, and as she moved around the couch on which we were shooting her, I could swear she was leaving wet stains. Was she getting hot? You better believe it! As the session went on, her nipples got harder and at one point, she asked for a break and went to the bathroom! Majoly just giggled and I was sure that she was masturbating herself, but I didn’t dare ask! She came back a few minutes later with her face blushed and finished the shoot with a naughty look in her eyes!



Blonde Model Naked In The Sand

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February 13th,

   My boss, Luca, called me up yesterday and told me we would be shooting Sonia today. I was more than happy, Sonia is a beautiful blonde amateur model with a stunning body and I love watching her firm, puffy nipples every time we have a shoot with her. I made sure I arrived early to the outdoor set, so I could arrange the lights and props and maybe get a chance to talk to Sonia before the shoot! Like they say, the early bird gets the worm. Sonia arrived early indeed, and we exchanged a few words. She was looking so gorgeous, and she told me that she would dedicate one of her poses to me! Later on during the session, while she had her butt to the camera, she turned her face slightly and gave the camera a quick look, and let her gaze turn towards me! Then she turned over on the sand and spread her legs, opening up so we could see her wet clam! Boy, I knew that pussy shot was just for me! I’m telling you, I have the best gig on Earth and I love it so much!



Beautiful Blonde Amateur Sandra In The Nude

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February 10th,

Sandra is a beautiful blonde amateur model we got the chance to do a photo shoot with the other day. This nude girl is so hot! She has small tits, with really perky nipples, and a cute round ass that makes you just want to pinch it! Sandra has a real girl next door look, I think she even reminds me of a neighbor back when I was in college! She’s in great shape and she let us in on a little secret regarding how she keeps in shape. There’s no exercise or special diets for her! She just fucks every single day of her life! Boy, I gotta tell you, I wish there was a way I could personally help this hottie out with her method to stay in tip top shape! Matter of fact, she should make a tape about her system, I’d be glad to take part of it, and I bet most of the guys seeing this would do too! What I most liked about this girl was her ass! I even complimented her on it, and she promised to sign me one of the close-ups of her sexy ass we shot! What a memory, man!

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Sonia Naked Outdoors In High Heels

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February 5th,

I loved having the opportunity to assist in this awesome photo shoot, featuring Sonia, a very hot brunette amateur model. This girl is not only hot and sexy; she’s also very cute and easy going. Sometimes the girls are a little bit stuck up or full of themselves, but that’s not the case with her! She always has a nice word for you, and really enjoys doing what she does. I believe that really shows in her photos. The camera loves her and we got some really hot angles of her naked body. I think I was drooling as we closed up on her wet clam and tight, puckered asshole. I was just having nasty day dreams of all I would do to her when we were alone! As nice and cute as Sonia is, when the camera is rolling you can tell that deep down inside she is a very naughty and lusty babe! I really hope I get to work with a stunner like her one more time; she really made my cock get hard during this kinky outdoor photo session! You can see how well they came out!



Super Hot Model Lorena Posing Naked

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February 1st,

   Lorena is a super hot, smoking brunette model we got the chance to shoot some time ago in some fancy house. She showed up wearing sexy lingerie and high heel shoes and picked a spot in a big leather couch. Her body is so fucking perfect! I was trying hard to light her the right way while she teased the camera and slowly stripped off her lingerie. Her clam just looked so sexy and perfect, I could feel my cock getting hard, creating a huge bulge in my crotch, which I was trying really hard to conceal. Lorena caught on, and as you can tell by the naughty smile on her face, quite enjoyed the effect her naked body had on me! Thank God she took it in a good way, as this was one of my first shoots and I didn’t want to get fired because the talent gave me a huge boner! After we finished the shoot and both Lorena and the photographer left, I sat down on the same leather couch were she had lay naked and busted a nut! Man, I spilled my jizz all over the place and had to clean up later!